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Finding a Routine

My routine is totally thrown off.

I thought I was supposed to: wake up, run, watch The Today Show, blog, shower, job search.

I’ve replaced job searching with job working, but getting back into a routine after nearly six months of no working–while you’re getting over being sick–still isn’t easy.

photo 1.JPG

I woke up all stuffy again this morning, so I took advantage of waking up before my alarm clock (which will never ever happen again) and went out for a run. I laid in bed as long as possible and left at the exact moment where, if I didn’t leave then, I wouldn’t be able to run. I’m really good at that. 3.3 humid, foggy miles and I’d squeezed in a workout before work. This is always such a miracle to me that I feel like I’ve totally cheated the system when I actually do it. (And yes, I did still get to hear some Today Show while I was getting ready. I may have to start DVRing Kathie Lee and Hoda, though.)

Day numero dos of work was still good. I cheated on FreshDirect with my bed last night and ended up getting lunch out again today. I’m still trying to find the best places to eat near my office (Flatiron), but when you’re trying to eat healthy and don’t eat salad, it’s not the easiest.


I really like my job a lot so far, but I’m not really going to talk much about it here, or else I’d have to kill you, so instead, let’s talk about how I love my commute. A mile walk each way. I may grow to resent that walk a bit when it starts snowing, but for now, it’s pretty great. Especially walking back uptown on a misty night like tonight.


During the best time of year! I walked past Lord & Taylor and its Christmas displays on my way to a Junior League event in Bryant Park. We have our big holiday event, Golden Tree, this weekend, and we handed out some flyers. Short shameless plug: tickets are $20, and it’s a holiday shopping event at our headquarters on the Upper East Side. There are merchants there for every price range, and it’s a great place to pick up gifts for moms, friends and sisters! A portion of the proceeds goes to benefit our activities in the community.

photo 2.JPG

Um, yeah. This outfit was far more appropriate about 14 hours ago when it was warm and dry.

So to review: I still run, shower, watch The Today Show, go to Junior League meetings, go to happy hour. Just at very different times. (And with at least 9 hours of work thrown in between.) Also, my (very sweet) mom is watching Bailey this week while I get adjusted to the new j-o-b, so this week has felt a little off: there’s no dog to walk before and after work and before I go to sleep. I could go to a morning gym class (which is usually pretty hard with him)…but I probably won’t.

What helps you feel grounded as you settle into a new routine?

For me, it’s: Bailey, running, blogging and Junior League. These four commitments are constants in my life. Take one of them out, and something feels off. Which is why I am blogging at nearly 11pm when I should be getting into bed. It’s a part of my life I can’t skip now.



This may be the scene outside, but even some rain can’t ruin my mood.

Since getting laid off, I didn’t sleep very well. I would fall asleep okay, but I couldn’t sleep past 6:30 or so. When you don’t have anything to wake up for, that’s kind of frustrating.

With that huge weight lifted, I slept just fine this morning. (Or maybe it was the champagne. Whatever.) I woke up at 6:30 again, but promptly rolled over and slept until 8:30 (wild, I know) and woke up with a big smile on my face, rather than my heart pounding.

My schedule today was fairly open, and I loved it. No need to follow up for interviews, no need to hustle for freelance work. No marathon to train for.

I decided a 30/60/90 class would be part of my plan. I could have walked there, but I walked to the subway just after 12 for a 12:30 class. It was raining, and I didn’t have it in me to power-walk some 20-plus blocks. Well, I stood there until 12:20 and the train never came. I didn’t want to be the jerk walking in late, so I threw in the towel and walked home. Not even a subway mishap could get me down today.

I looked again at the gym schedule and tried an hour later for another class–Barre Burn with Janine Boland. It’s funny how the same class with a different instructor can be so different. Janine is definitely a good instructor, but James is just so goddamn funny that I felt like my workout was missing something without the belly laughs I get in his class.

But I’m pretty sure there’s some serious DOMS in my future after this class. Because, apparently I have muscles other than leg muscles. And I used them today. Ow. It’s a good thing, though. I am fine with the number on the scale, but I’m definitely trying to tone up post-marathon and work on my core and hip flexors so that I can run strong next year. I have some big goals.

Also, I sort of love the month of November. What are you loving about November?