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An Unusual Package


Last night, I arrived home to an unusual package. Eight $25 gift cards and a bottle of Fiber Choice. A secret admirer concerned about my regularity?

Not quite. I won Janetha’s healthy choices giveaway. She asked what her readers would do with $200 to make their lives healthier, and I said I’d buy a Physique 57 package–something I probably wouldn’t do otherwise. Well, her random number picker picked me! Physique 57, I’m coming at you…with my eight gift cards.


This morning, I met Emily for brunch at 44 1/2, somewhere we’ve both wanted to go since seeing Jordan write about it. I got the California omelet–egg whites with avocado, spinach, mozzarella and tomato. We were going to go for a long bike ride, but she left her bike at work since it was supposed to rain. I got in a quick three-mile run before we met up. And also achieved the unplanned goal of inhaling a whole set of lungs full of pollen. Yay?

Now I’m going to go catch a few rays before I head out for Derby parties. Because a rooftop is a terrible thing to waste.