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Princeton 70.3 Half Ironman Training: Week 1

I debated whether I’d share training logs for this race.

Did I want to open myself up to judgement? Did I want to stress myself out by being accountable?

In the end, I decided it was worth it, both for myself, and for you. I remember when Emily did an Ironman a few years ago, I was completely fascinated by her training logs. How the hell did one person work a full-time job AND do all this exercise?

I never want to work out that much, truly, so I don’t think I’ll ever do a full Ironman.

But I want to share with you the ups and downs of how someone with a full-time job and busy life is still managing to train for a very long-distance endurance race. I recently fell down an Internet wormhole and ended up reading about Lucy Danziger and how she competed in Ironmans, all while running a major magazine. No excuses. I am not too busy to train for this race.

So, let the logs begin!

Yoga Shanti

Monday: 60-minute yoga class

Preppy Runner Handstand

Tuesday: ninja workout + 3-mile run

Wednesday: 40-minute swim (I’m currently doing swims by time, not distance because NYHRC’s pool is so short. I’m pretty sure I’m going to quit and find a new pool for training.)

Thursday: 4-mile lunchtime run with a coworker

Friday: Uplifting Strength Happy Hour (wherein I ate/drank back all the calories I burned and then some with a fun dinner afterwards with Jen, Angela, Margaret and Kat, the instructor, who we dragged out with us.)

Saturday: More to come on this, but I CLIPPED IN!!!

Clipping In Bike

And lived to tell the tale! Thank you to Shannon for the lesson—you rock!

Sunday: 7-mile run. It was really hot and humid—I left way too late. Welcome back summer running!

What are you training for? What did your week of training look like?


Hello from the other side of a quiet, peaceful and productive Saturday.

I started it the way I start every other Saturday: JuicePress run club.


My legs felt heavy and stiff and tight, but the company was great. I’ve felt so, so tight lately, so I’ve been trying my hardest to dial back on the intensity of my workouts where possible. (Way less fun.) I’m going to a stretching workshop tomorrow at Uplift, and I can’t wait to leave there all limber and stuff. I met my Junior League run club for brunch after at Balthazar before having lots and lots of much-needed alone time after being home last weekend, LA the weekend before that, and my ball the weekend before that.

At run club, I talked to Jenna for a while about the half Ironman. She did one last year and said that while they are obviously long, she felt it was easier than a marathon.

I’ve had HIM on my mind the past few weeks, and while I’m not sure when exactly I’ll really start training, I do want to start swimming again. So I joined New York Health & Racquet again. The pool’s a little short, but it’s close and it’s month-to-month. Close being most key: the best workout is the one you’ll actually do, and for me, that’s the closest one.

Then, sweet Bailey and I sat in Madison Square Park for a while watching the other dogs and people, and making canine and human friends.



THANK GOD the sun is back.

Afterwards, I went and bought some of those snazzy pedals that allow you to both clip in or just ride regular. Next step: figure out how to actually ride clipped in. (Well, I guess the riding is the easy part…)

I spent the rest of the day cleaning/organizing/and then returning some birthday presents. FYIs: J. Crew is having an awesome 25% sale. I found white jeans that don’t suck. Poll: do I really have to wait until Memorial Day to wear them? I am very unclear where we stand on this as a world. Non-fashion blogger take on what I saw in J. Crew and C. Wonder: lots of military-inspired clothing, very little dresses and skirts. Dear stores: please get more girlie stuff in. I hate pants. 

And now I am ready to go to sleep dreaming of half-Ironmans and messaging with a boy about bacon.

Tell me your favorite tri blogs. Other than Victoria’s, of course. Would love both hard-core people and total newbs like me. 

And a huge congrats to my girl Kimra, who’s riding a million miles this weekend: from SF to Santa Cruz, and back.