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Princeton 70.3 Half Ironman Training: Week 1

I debated whether I’d share training logs for this race.

Did I want to open myself up to judgement? Did I want to stress myself out by being accountable?

In the end, I decided it was worth it, both for myself, and for you. I remember when Emily did an Ironman a few years ago, I was completely fascinated by her training logs. How the hell did one person work a full-time job AND do all this exercise?

I never want to work out that much, truly, so I don’t think I’ll ever do a full Ironman.

But I want to share with you the ups and downs of how someone with a full-time job and busy life is still managing to train for a very long-distance endurance race. I recently fell down an Internet wormhole and ended up reading about Lucy Danziger and how she competed in Ironmans, all while running a major magazine. No excuses. I am not too busy to train for this race.

So, let the logs begin!

Yoga Shanti

Monday: 60-minute yoga class

Preppy Runner Handstand

Tuesday: ninja workout + 3-mile run

Wednesday: 40-minute swim (I’m currently doing swims by time, not distance because NYHRC’s pool is so short. I’m pretty sure I’m going to quit and find a new pool for training.)

Thursday: 4-mile lunchtime run with a coworker

Friday: Uplifting Strength Happy Hour (wherein I ate/drank back all the calories I burned and then some with a fun dinner afterwards with Jen, Angela, Margaret and Kat, the instructor, who we dragged out with us.)

Saturday: More to come on this, but I CLIPPED IN!!!

Clipping In Bike

And lived to tell the tale! Thank you to Shannon for the lesson—you rock!

Sunday: 7-mile run. It was really hot and humid—I left way too late. Welcome back summer running!

What are you training for? What did your week of training look like?