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The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Dramatic title? Maybe. But, hey, being laid off is a little dramatic, too.

It really hit me this morning that I didn’t have to be in the office. But when I woke up at 7, I started working immediately. Thanks again for everyone who e-mailed me with job and project leads. I should also mention that I’m going to be doing some social media consulting, so also feel free to e-mail me at theodora@theodorablanchfield.com if your company (or blog) needs some social media help.

So after writing yesterday’s post, I went out for a run. I don’t know if it was the emotion or the heat (or both), but it was a difficult run. I ran three miles and stopped to sit down at each mile.

photo (13).JPG

It was MUGGY, and I was a sweaty beast when I got home, but that felt sort of amazing and so needed.


I made my run end at the special Chipotle. It’s considered a test kitchen for Chipotle, and they do stuff like brown rice (which I have asked about at other Chipotles, and they’ve said that they tried it in other locations and it didn’t sell well), use local ingredients and prepare everything on-site. I’d been curious about it for awhile, and decided yesterday was as good a time as any to try it. It did not disappoint. I got a burrito bowl with brown rice, mild salsa, lettuce and guac, and I licked that bowl clean. I realized that I’d barely touched my breakfast, since I got the call from HR while I was eating, and then, not surprisingly, I lost my appetite.

Afterwards, I met up with Lacey at Ginger Man for a few much-needed beers.

It’s not even 11am yet, and I’ve already gotten so much done.


Like breakfast.

While I was running yesterday, I started thinking about what else I could do with the blog and how I can use this extra time to change my fitness routine. My Equinox membership was part of a corporate deal, so I’m not sure what my gym sitch is going to be going forward. I do know that I’ll definitely be running and biking a lot and looking for lots of free fitness events around NYC (like the yoga in Bryant Park. That will absolutely be a standing part of my Tuesday morning routine) and writing about them. Is there anything else you’d like to see here? Some posts I have planned coming up:

  • my thoughts on SEO (after the Fitbloggin’ SEO presentation)
  • my thoughts on blogger responsibility and integrity
  • summer running tips/clothes
  • FINALLY doing my FAQ page


Lunch with a Vipr

This has felt like an incredibly long week, so I’ve been doing little things to make myself feel better all week.


A spinach feta wrap this morning.

Picture 53.png

Buying this gym bag that I’ve had my eye on for awhile (and then getting Equinox to do a price adjustment when I saw that Lululemon themselves sell it for $30 less.)


A slice of whole-wheat toast with sunflower butter and chocolate chips as a snack last night.

And then, after hearing some not-so-awesome news at work today, I decided to have lunch with a vipr.

Picture 52.png

Not a cobra.

I tried the Vipr class at Equinox at lunch today. I’m trying to remember to do more strength training, and this looked like an awesome challenge. When I walked into the class, I thought the Vipr stick, a nine-pound hollow tube, was really just like a thicker weight bar.

The instructor said that it was more difficult than regular weights because the weight was spread across the tube, rather than concentrated in one area. We did a lot of “functional” movements, like hoisting the tube over your shoulder, “shoveling snow,” and “raking leaves.” There were also close to a million lunges and squats, and we did not stop moving for even one second. It was so difficult that everyone was a sweaty mess, and the instructor slipped in a pool of sweat and wiped out towards the end of class. (She was okay.) I really enjoyed this class, and would definitely do it again.


For lunch, I got some relatively healthy comfort food at the Equinox cafe: meatballs, wild rice and Brussels sprouts.

And now I’m craving something sweet…