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I have a major announcement for my Spring Shaper-Uppers!

When I announced the contest, I said that the prize was TBA. It was to be announced because I was approaching some of my favorite healthy brands to see if they would sponsor the contest.


Clif has generously agreed to sponsor not only this contest but an upcoming giveaway.

The winner of the Spring Shape-Up will receive:

3 caddies of Clif Bars
3 caddies of Luna
3 caddies of Clif Mojo
3 caddies of Clif C (new 2-layer fruit and nut bar)

Each caddie has 12 bars, so that’s a total of 144 bars! (A gross!)

I will randomly choose the winner from everyone who stuck with the challenge and checked in every week.

I love Luna bars, their line of bars for women, as a quick afternoon snack with a piece of fruit or before a long run. (I would say that even if the company hadn’t generously donated bars!) The company also makes Shot Bloks, those quick little energy packets you eat on long runs. They’re also doing a lot to give back to the community.