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Another Friday, Another Expo

Since I am running yet another half-marathon this weekend, I went to another expo yesterday.


I met up with Tina to pick up our bibs. After hanging out two weekends in a row, it feels like we live in the same city. Sadly, we don’t.


This expo was definitely better than the expo for the NYC Half–they had more stuff to try, like these smoothies.


Bagel thins. (Thomas’ is sponsoring me for this race.)


Well, that’s the first time I have ever seen makeup at an expo.


Afterwards, I went back to Tina’s hotel to meet up with Ashley and Caitlin and Caitlin’s mom and have mini-cupcakes and wine. I <3 Kimptons and their free wine happy hours.

IMG_0055-640x480_thumb.jpg momhtpashtheo.jpg

I don’t know why I look so awkward.

photo (5).JPG

After that fabulous happy hour, I met up with my coworker Jessie to go to Madison Square Garden to see The Strokes, my favorite band!!!!!! Jessie said I should pretend to be a music blogger for the night, but I didn’t feel like being that d-bag with my phone/camera out all night, so I only took that picture.

Rockin’ Out!

Tonight, after work, I hit up a Barre Burn class at Equinox. (Read my experience the first time I went.) I’m pretty sure that after this weekend, I sweat out champagne and McDonald’s. Like a rockstar. The instructor is absolutely hilarious, and I got an intense ab workout just by giggling at him. He also had a kickass playlist, which included Pink’s F***-in Perfect. I don’t think I’d ever listened all that closely to the song, because I didn’t realize the real name until he said “I hope I have the right version and she’s not cursing like a truck driver.” So clearly, I had to come home and download the explicit version, because I’m from Jersey and I do curse like a truck driver every once in a while…


I came home to these two lovely boxes. Thank god.


I made a quick rice bowl with a turkey sausage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. I sauteed the broccoli and Brussels in a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and then threw salsa over the whole thing while having a solo dance party at the stove to that Pink song. Nice, easy, healthy dinner.

DSC_0007.JPG DSC_0008.JPG

I had a little of this ice cream. It sucked. False advertising. It was not decadent at all. They definitely did something to make up for the lack of dairy. Does anyone know of a dairy-free ice cream that doesn’t suck? (I’m trying to abstain from dairy for the good of my stomach…but it may not be worth it for crap ice cream like this!)


Also, THESE CAME IN THE MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so psyched.