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Here Bunny, Bunny!

After a few hours of relaxing, cleaning and jumping up and down over my PR, Lacey and Laurel came over and we headed out to NJ for Easter.


Here bunny bunny.


Raspberry and brie in phyllo dough. There was more dough than filling, so these were a little disappointing to everyone.


Some vino. Obviously.


And no trip to my parents’ would be complete without some spaghetti and meatballs.


My mom is the Italian one, but my Irish dad is the chief taste-tester because he likes the pasta really al dente.


Nice balls.

DSC_0413.JPG DSC_0414.JPG

I’ve been dyeing Easter eggs since I was born, and just because I’m closer to 30 than 20 (ew) doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop now.

DSC_0415.JPG DSC_0416.JPG

Someone slept on the job.


After shot.


This morning, we got dressed up and went to church. I love Lilly Pulitzer-appropriate holidays.


While my mom made breakfast, I had half a bagel thin with marscapone.


Breakfast was omelets with mozzarella and now we’re watching Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps while waiting for our next course of food.

Happy Easter if you celebrate it!

Another Friday, Another Expo

Since I am running yet another half-marathon this weekend, I went to another expo yesterday.


I met up with Tina to pick up our bibs. After hanging out two weekends in a row, it feels like we live in the same city. Sadly, we don’t.


This expo was definitely better than the expo for the NYC Half–they had more stuff to try, like these smoothies.


Bagel thins. (Thomas’ is sponsoring me for this race.)


Well, that’s the first time I have ever seen makeup at an expo.


Afterwards, I went back to Tina’s hotel to meet up with Ashley and Caitlin and Caitlin’s mom and have mini-cupcakes and wine. I <3 Kimptons and their free wine happy hours.

IMG_0055-640x480_thumb.jpg momhtpashtheo.jpg

I don’t know why I look so awkward.

photo (5).JPG

After that fabulous happy hour, I met up with my coworker Jessie to go to Madison Square Garden to see The Strokes, my favorite band!!!!!! Jessie said I should pretend to be a music blogger for the night, but I didn’t feel like being that d-bag with my phone/camera out all night, so I only took that picture.