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Wineglass Marathon Training: Week 1

When I was training for Marine Corps, I started doing weekly workout updates. Although I’m working with Jess as my coach and log my workouts on DailyMile, an extra layer of accountability doesn’t hurt, and I like looking back at the narrative of how I fit my workouts in.

So, get used to these for the next 15 weeks as I train for the marathon I picked solely because I liked the name. Just kidding, I actually picked it because it is net downhill. All the better for massive PRs!

Monday: 4 miles. I feel like I can barely remember the beginning of the week already, but I think it was a nice day? Either way, I was super pumped for the first day of training, even though my legs definitely still felt the triathlon.

Tuesday: yoga. I really needed this both emotionally and physically on Tuesday, and as usual, Laughing Lotus delivered.


Wednesday: Al Gordon 5K with all of my favorite running buddies. No PR, but I felt really strong despite my tired legs.

Thursday: FINALLY met up with Jen! We’ve been blog buddies for a while, and we finally met up and ran together on Thursday morning. She’s a little faster than me, so it got me moving at a slightly faster pace than I would have done on my own for just a regular run. I also did yoga with Gia. I’m going to try really hard to stay consistent with my yoga through my training.

Friday: Crappy treadmill run of 3 miles. I’m about a mile either way from the West Side Highway or the East River, so running all the way out there to turn around after only 1.5 miles didn’t sound terribly appealing. But the treadmill sounded more appealing?! I got on and forgot how much I hate the treadmill.


Saturday: Ran 10 miles with Fiona. The company was lovely, but the run was kind of rough. We started kind of late, so it was hot, and we ran the park, and my legs were so unhappy with the hills. We split up after mile 8, and I was so tempted to call it a day there, but I just kept shuffling on home.

Mileage Total: 29

Not too shabby for my first week of training!

How was your week of workouts? What are you training for?