My Name is Theodora, and I’m Addicted to Races

I signed up for three more today. Luckily, they’re short (for me.) I think my mom nearly had a heart attack when I told her I’d signed up for three more.


So I’m just going to keep eating carbs, mmmkay?

Anyone else doing any of those races?

10 comments on “My Name is Theodora, and I’m Addicted to Races

  1. Liz

    I’m planning on doing the Mini 10K! I’m currently sidelined by injury, but I’m hoping that can be my first long race back — and it will be my first 10K ever 🙂
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  2. Bex

    I’m probably ding the mini 10k. Did it last year and had a blast!
    Race addiction is natural – especially when all it takes is your 9+1 to get into the NYC marathon!


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