Healthy Living Summit Fun!

I just got back from Chicago, where I was attending the Healthy Living Summit (a health blog conference!), and I’m exhausted but smiling. I’ll write way more about all of this later this week, but…you might want to catch up on what I’ve been eating.

Lunch yesterday, planned by the newly minted RD, Kath, included roasted veggies, tofu, fruit, a delicious quinoa salad and some Thomas sandwich thins.

We had snack time, which was sponsored by Athenos feta, so it included all kinds of feta-y goodness, which surprisingly didn’t bother my stomach.

Dinner was with my wonderful HLS roomies at a cute Italian place called Quartino. An Italian tapas bar, Quartino had all sorts of amazing dishes to share.

Like veal meatballs:

Polenta fries:

Some pizza:

To be honest, this was all somewhat heavy for having a 17-mile run on my schedule this morning. I was freaking out about the run and woke up just before 6 to meet a group for 16 miles. My plan was to do 16 with them and then run one more, but I ended up actually *only* doing 15.5.

I started off with these lovelies:

( Leslie, Meghann, Emily, Monica, Jenn, Bec, Evan )

And we ran along the lake path:

This group was all pretty fast, so I only ran portions of the run with them. They were sweet enough to wait for me when they stopped for water or bathroom breaks so I could run some more with them.

But by about mile 13, I was just about done—I definitely didn’t fuel properly—so I took quite a few walk breaks and eventually ran into these lovely ladies:

Me, Tina, Hillary, and Anne.

There’s definitely way more to tell you about this weekend—what I learned about blogging, people and myself—but my bed is calling, so stay tuned this week for more about HLS! 

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