My appetite today has been SO OFF. Probably because I woke up two hours earlier than usual to work out.

I ate a Luna bar around 8:30 just to take the edge off my hunger this morning, and then…AFTER SIGNING MY NEW LEASE! For lunch, I had my mom’s meatballs and sauce over whole wheat spaghetti. But after a few meetings, I was hungry for an afternoon snack. Since I’d eaten my afternoon snack already, I grabbed one of my coworkers to run down to Le Pain Quotidien for a cookie. Not only was this cookie FOUR DOLLARS, but it was STALE. 

When I got home from work, the change in my schedule and the lack of snacks to compensate for it meant I was ravenous. I heated up some of this chicken francese that my mom brought in the other night and made a sweet potato and some broccoli. I was so hungry that I ate three pieces of the chicken.

Oh, and about that workout this morning? Well, it was only a 1.5 mile run. I was still really tired and my legs are still really tight. I did, however, walk two miles at lunch. Once I move, I’ll probably be walking at least 4 miles a day! (A mile to work, going home most days at lunch to walk my dog, walking back to work, walking back home at lunch!) I’ll have a lot of packing coming up, but I’m psyched for my new place.

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