Two Years Ago Today…

I had just come back from a beautiful wedding in San Diego and watched one of my favorite people marry the love of her life. A few weeks earlier, I had definitely been a “January Joiner” and vowed, just like every other year, that this would be the year I’d get my act together.

For the first few weeks of that year, I went to the gym almost every day, taking spin classes and working with a trainer who ultimately ended up to not be the best trainer for me. I went to San Diego and I think I had lost a few pounds, though I wasn’t sure, because I refused to step on the scale. I bought a pair of size 32 Citizens of Humanity jeans—my favorite brand when I was in college, before I gained weight—at a thrift shop in between wedding activities. They closed, but barely. I vowed then that they would fit by my birthday, Feb. 11.

It was an amazing weekend, and I had a lot of fun, but I knew something needed to change.

Of course, I came back to New York and real life intervened. I got laid off two weeks later (and suffered the crippling uncertainty that loomed in those intervening two weeks). After getting laid off and facing tons of extra time on my hands, I vowed that I would spend as much free time at the gym at possible and lose that damn weight for once and all. By some crazy miracle, I ended up getting rehired at my same company and started two weeks later. On that same day, I started working out with Joel, the trainer who stuck by me from thick until thin.

Once again, I decided that that would be the kick that would help me change my life. And it was!

Oh, and while I didn’t fit into those jeans by my birthday that year, I fit into them about two weeks after that. And now they’re huge.

This morning, I grabbed the sunflower butter out of the fridge and planned to make a banana sandwich for breakfast or grab some oatmeal and put the sunflower butter in with a banana. Then, a bottle of Prosecco fell off of the top of my refrigerator, and I had to clean it up off the floor so Bailey didn’t lick it all up and get drunk, and I decided to screw it and grab something out for breakfast.

I stopped at Pret and got their oatmeal.

It came pre-made with almonds, currants, hazelnuts, cinnamon, cashews and coconut and was about 460 calories. I don’t count calories, but that’s definitely more calories than I’d care to consume at breakfast, and I’m not into the currants, hazelnuts and cashews. The almonds and coconuts were fabulous. I had a meeting pretty soon after I got into work, so I ate about 3/4 of this. Oh, and I definitely didn’t make it to that boot camp last night, but I got my 4 mile run in, so I’m okay with that.

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