An Early Birthday

Tonight, my parents came into the city to bring me my skis for my ski trip and take me out for an early birthday dinner.


Or, to help me plot and scheme on how to achieve world domination. Either one.


I ordered lobster ravioli for dinner. It came with some vegetables, too, so it was the perfect mix of decadent and pretending to be healthy.


My mom told the waiter in a stage whisper that it was my birthday, and so he brought some cheesecake. I’m not the hugest fan of cheesecake, but I am a fan of birthdays, so I ate some anyway.


We opened presents before heading to the restaurant. Remember how I said I had never had a DVF dress before and that my mom wasn’t off the hook? Well, she came through with a DVF dress for my birthday, and that one fits perfectly, too! They also gave me some pretty Kate Spade jewelry and amazing Burberry trench coat. I know, I am an incredibly lucky girl.

5 comments on “An Early Birthday

  1. Nyashabvumbe

    That looks so pretty. You deserve it after all the hard work you put in! From a big fan of your blog all the way in the UK


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