Vermont Bound!

After a workout, a half-day of work, a half-day of social media conferences, it’s time to head to Vermont!


And a late lunch of a burrito bowl. I don’t usually do white rice, but my body felt like it needed some extra energy after finally starting to work out again last night and today and after being depleted of nutrients for so many days.

Screen shot 2011-02-10 at 6.37.17 PM.png

I have my lift ticket!


All my stuff packed. (Early. This is a miracle.)


And the important stuff.


Barney Butter that I won from Leslie!

Sidenote: packing when you’re going to be spending the weekend with a bunch of bloggers is hard. What to wear when you KNOW there will be a million pictures of you online???

By the way…

1. If you read my blog in an RSS reader, the feed has moved to: I’m sorry 🙁

2. Stay tuned for some awesome birthday giveaways!!!

5 comments on “Vermont Bound!

  1. Buildingothersup

    i grew up going to stratton! best place! i highly suggest you and your fellow group do two things….one: eat at partridge in a pear tree (in the village…it it is still there!) two: share a giant rice crispy treat. they are lovely after a long day on the mountain. three: head to the easy trails on the back side of the mountain in the morning. it gets crazy in the afternoon but is nice in the morning.


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