Not Afraid to Ask

Last night, I celebrated my birthday again! This time, it was a little less healthy than last weekend. We went to Von, a cute little bar in Noho/East Village.

Whenever I go out, I’m usually conscious of not drinking too much because I have something to wake up for or I just don’t want to be hungover. Last night, I did not have that problem. My head hurts right now. I let my camera take the night off, but don’t worry–I had plenty of fun and all of my random groups of friends seemed to get along.

Apparently I ate a taco at the bar. I’m told it was great. Apparently, I put the kibosh on my own karaoke plans because I was too tired. Lame. Immediately after arriving home, Tamsin and i ordered pizza and MOZZARELLA STICKS. They were amazing.

Once we felt human this morning, we went to a diner for some good greasy food. For some reason, all I was craving was a wrap so I asked if they could put an omelette in a wrap


They could! I had a Mexican omelette (avocado, cheese and onions) in a wrap with some fries and Diet Coke on the side. Totally hit the spot.


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