The Camel on My Back

Lunch today was exactly what I needed. I felt way better afterwards. Tamsin and I hung out on my couch for a while afterwards and finally decided to head out and do something with our day. She brought her Camelbak for our 10-mile run tomorrow, and I had a little Camelbak envy, so we decided to head out in search of one. Three stores later, I finally found one at Paragon. I got the North Face Junction, and it holds 1.5 liters of water. I’m ridiculously excited to try it out tomorrow. It’s a cutie, isn’t it?


We stopped at Whole Foods to get some English muffins and banana for pre-run fuel tomorrow. I will never again get out of Whole Foods with that little damage.


For dinner, we were both craving a little carb-loading. I had a random and intense craving for sausage and broccoli with garlic sauce, like I had a few weeks ago. There was nothing like this on the menu, so I asked again if they could do this. I don’t know what’s come over me–I never do this. But it was yummy, too.


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  1. Katherine: Unemployed

    I think it is every food bloggers wet dream to have unlimited credit at whole foods. I so wish I could eat off their hot bar every night without paying by the lbd for it đŸ™‚ great camelbak! that will be so useful


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