Back in the Routine

During my quick layover in Dallas, my mission was to find something to eat. A Starbucks spinach feta wrap was what I was craving, but airport Starbucks don’t usually have the warmers necessary for the wraps, and DFW was no different 🙁 I didn’t see anywhere else that I thought would have a relatively healthy breakfast sandwich.

So I decided to drink my breakfast.

photo (8).JPG

My stomach was also feeling pretty unsettled, so sticking to liquid seemed like a safer bet anyway. I got the Pineapple Pleasure smoothie and finished it before I even got to my gate.

When I landed at Newark, my parents and Bailey were waiting for me to pick me up and drive me back to the city, which was pretty awesome. My mom stopped at the Market Basket and got me this chicken franchese with brown rice and broccoli, which I had for both lunch and dinner.


My back really hurts–I think I picked up one of my bags wrong weird, so I just took a long, hot bath to soak it. In the bathtub, I was thinking about the workouts I’ll plan this week and what I’d eat this week. Ashley and I talked this weekend about eating healthy on vacation. We’ve both been really restrictive with ourselves at times and we’ve also both had the “I will eat whatever I want! I’m on vacation!” attitude, and we both think we’re at a much more happy medium now. We didn’t go all out for every meal this weekend, but we never really denied ourselves cravings either. Now that I do better at listening to my body’s cravings, I’m actually much better with portion control–I don’t have to clean my plate to be satisfied with something. I definitely enjoyed everything I ate this weekend (except for the weird eggs), but I didn’t always feel the need to clean my plate.

I went to the gym on Thursday out there, and that is actually my only formal exercise since the half-marathon last week (other than dancing all night.) I can definitely feel it–my muscles feel a little tighter, I mentally feel a little more on edge. I absolutely needed this break from exercise to appreciate it and crave it again (as well as rest my body), and I’m ready to get back into it this week.

Once I catch up on my sleep tonight.

What’s your vacation eating mentality? Try to eat healthy? Screw it and eat whatever you want because you’re on vacation? Somewhere in between?

3 comments on “Back in the Routine

  1. River

    I go on holiday about once a year, but it’s generally ‘eat whatever I want’, while being extra good before and after the holiday to make up for it.

    I have a 4 day holiday with friends at the beginning of May, and I know that’s not going to be a healthy eating weekend.

    It’s much cheaper to eat less healthy on holidays. For example salads are usually a lot more expensive at restaurants than say a burger and fries. When I get salads I always feel the sones I make for lunch in the weekdays are nicer! (So far anyway).

    I should probably try a bit harder this holiday, but I really don’t know. As my three friends will be eating whatever they want!

  2. Emily

    Somewhere in between is my happy place. I was in Boston this past weekend for a wedding and I can feel my body yelling at me for indulging a little too much (and blowing off all exercise.) I’m much happier when some meals are healthy, some meals are def not healthy and I still get my sweat in.

  3. Ash Bear

    It’s amazing how well we did this weekend. I also think sticking to low calorie liquor drinnks versus drinking beer and wine is best for me when I know I’ll be out late drinking. I actually weighed myself this morning and lost 2lbs while in Vegas. I’ll take it! 🙂

    I hope you enjoyed last night’s sleep as much as I did!


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