Sexy Spring Strength Challenge

Once upon a time, I lifted a ton. (Not literally.) I was working out with a trainer, and he pushed me really hard–harder than I could ever push myself.

I learned that strength training is incredibly important to weight loss and weight maintenance, and I felt ridiculously strong.

Then, I got addicted to running and my strength training fell by the wayside. I can still run far, and I’ve certainly gotten faster, but I definitely don’t feel as strong as I used to and my body feels a little mushier.

Since I won’t be training for another long race until I start marathon training (around July), now’s a good time for me to make a non-running goal and to involve you.

I’m going to the Outer Banks again for Memorial Day this year, so this challenge will run from today until that weekend.

I’m still trying to figure out the details, but I’m thinking this:

  • I’ll aim to strength train at least 120 minutes a week (this way I can either do two 60-minute sessions or some other mix)
  • I’ll share my workouts here–whether they are classes, my own workouts I come up with or other bloggers’ workouts that I try
  • I’ll recap my progress every Monday and you can weigh (ha!) in in the comments with how you’re doing, too.
  • I’ll try to get some prizes like I did last time around.

My goals:

  • to strength train more (duh)
  • to increase the weight I can lift
  • to get my waist/abs in better shape (I’m not sure yet if I’m going to do measurements or just before-and-afters. This isn’t so much about a dramatic reinvention, but rather just refining things. With that said, I know goals need to be measurable in order to make them work.)
  • to get back and stay under 140 pounds. I’ve gained a few pounds since the marathon that I wouldn’t mind dropping. I was about 135 pounds on marathon day and now I fluctuate between 140-144. Nothing dramatic, but I wouldn’t mind losing those few vanity pounds.

Semi-relatedly, I’m also considering either gluten-free or cutting back on gluten/wheat products and following Heather’s challenge. I ate a lot less wheat when I was trying to lose weight, and my stomach felt better and I felt leaner.

What do you think? Are you in?


8 comments on “Sexy Spring Strength Challenge

  1. e-kate

    You go girl! I am so in and rooting for you from california! I am training for a half and work with a trainer for the xtraining and strengthening.

  2. Steph

    In like Flynn! I’m doing three or four yoga practices a week at the moment, which is great strength training, but historically I’ve always fallen off the wagon. So I will follow along with you to help maintain my own focus. Good luck!

  3. Caitlin

    I’m in! I’ve been wanting to commit to strength training as well – same boat you are in, I used to do it more and felt way healthier, leaner, etc.


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