Make a Plan

I should know myself by now. If I don’t plan it, it might not happen. And planning while falling asleep in bed doesn’t count. The Equinox closest to me didn’t have a spin class before work today, so I told myself I’d run before work.

I woke, laid in bed for awhile and told myself I’d run when I woke up. Well, I realized when I woke up that I ran yesterday and Sunday, and I’ve never run three days in a row, so I wanted to be nice to my knees. I got out of bed and intended on doing some yoga. Of course, once I was out of bed, I realized I had something to do for Junior League. By the time I was done, I only had about 20 minutes, so I did a 15-minute Active Recovery yoga On Demand class.

I should have added yesterday that if you don’t live in NYC, it’s still possible to try Physique 57: they have DVDs and Marie Claire did a story on their moves that you can try at home.

I have to walk Bailey at lunch, and I have a Junior League meeting tonight, so I won’t be able to fit in a workout at any other time except for when I get home this evening. I am planning on doing some more yoga on demand when I get home tonight.


Things I’m good at planning: oatmeal. With almond milk, and frozen pineapple and berries. And sunflower butter, of course.

Since I’m loving Jess’ Say It, Do It lately, I’m going to put my own workouts out there for the rest of the week:

  • Tomorrow: Physique 57 before work and running there and back
  • Thursday: Spin before work
  • Friday: Either rest or yoga–definitely before work since I have after-work plans
  • Saturday: the NYRR 4-Mile
  • Sunday: Easter and I have friends coming home with me. A definite rest day!

7 comments on “Make a Plan

  1. Christine

    love that idea of putting your workouts out there before you do them – today i also had a plan to get up early to run but (surprise) did not…. and now i have to go to a dinner and don’t think i’ll be able to run at all! fail! 🙁

    thanks for the tip! xoxox


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