Back on the Bike

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I left sunny Baltimore for this??

Although I miss my blog friends like crazy, it was nice to come home today–especially since I was home by 1pm. Usually when I go away for the weekend, I don’t come back until much later on Sunday so that I can maximize my time wherever I am. After being away for five days though, I was dying to get home.

It would have been really easy for me to blow off my workout when I got back, but there’s something about hanging out at a conference called Fitbloggin’ that inspires you to get your workout in when you get home, and so I went for a 12-mile bike ride.

photo 1.JPG

I rode up the Hudson River path for about 6 miles and then turned around. I’m trying to just enjoy biking without getting obsessed with my speed, so I rode sans Garmin.  

photo 3.JPG

I do <3 my bike.

photo 4.JPG

I also <3 sunshine. But you can’t win them all.

I went for my bike ride before unpacking, because I knew that once I got comfy, I wouldn’t want to get off my couch. It’s kind of like working out in the morning, I guess. Just work out before you can start making excuses.

broccoli.jpg burger.jpg

I rode down to Energy Kitchen and got a turkey burger, potatoes and broccoli


Finally, I went back to my apartment and unpacked. Including all of this swag from Fitbloggin’. I’m most excited to try out the food scale.


Look who’s back! Thank god. I missed this little face πŸ˜€ My mom brought him in this afternoon because she had some stuff she had to pick up in the city.



With no food in the house, I also ordered dinner. Sushi and a veggie spring roll.

And now? It’s time to crash hard.

I think sushi is my ritual after I’ve come back from a weekend away. Do you have any food you always eat after you’ve been away?

6 comments on “Back on the Bike

  1. Jaclyn

    Hahah I love this because sushi is my ritual pretty much anytime.. sushi is always a good idea in my mind πŸ™‚

    I’m so impressed with your 6 mile run yesterday morning and 12 mile bike ride today… seriously, after last night ending so late and this morning starting with a 5 am wakeup call for my shuttle, i had thought of going to hot yoga tonight… but it didn’t end up happening πŸ˜›

    ..I guess there’s always tomorrow…

    Anyway, miss you! It was great meeting/hanging out this weekend!!

  2. Laurie

    I’m the one who had the microphone job and came up to you and “you look like a young, pretty girl” I would never have known you had been overweight,
    Anyhow, I like your blog.
    Looking forward to following.


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