Apparently I’m a Morning Runner Now

I used to always run at night. I am not a morning person by any means.

Running at night meant that I could sleep in. When I didn’t have anything planned after work, this was sort of amazing. I could get the sleep I wanted AND get my workout in.

But when I have plans after work, as I often do, is when I ran into trouble. I’d either sneak in lunchtime workouts, show up late (and stinky) places or just scrap my workout altogether.

Running at night also meant having to worry all day if what I was eating was going to sit like a rock in my stomach.

In April, when I went to Vegas with Ashley, I realized that she got to work way earlier than me and still managed to get workouts in before work. No longer did I have an excuse. I had a good run of a few weeks of morning workouts before getting laid off.

Since working at this freelance gig the past few weeks, I’ve revived my morning runs. (With walking Bailey, classes get a little more tricky.)

I get to see awesome things like this view:

And less awesome things, like weird swarms of birds:

But I get to have my run behind me and an open night ahead of me.

Tonight, that means going to an ACC football party.

Since my alma mater is lame and does not have a football team, I may need to adopt an ACC team for this party. Any suggestions? (I may also be attending some SEC football parties; feel free to vote for your favorite SEC team, too.)

24 comments on “Apparently I’m a Morning Runner Now

  1. Beth @ Beth's Journey

    I am traditionally not a morning person either but switched to morning workouts several months ago. I realized I hate waking up, no matter when it is, but then having my workouts done first thing in the morning frees up my nights and leaves me feeling pretty energized by the time I get to work.

  2. Mindy

    I have an ACC team for you…Virginia Tech… Goooo HOKIES!! 🙂
    I didn’t go there, but the hubs did… and we still live in the area now!

  3. Jen G.

    I’ve been an afternoon workout-er as well, but a couple of weeks ago got fed up with losing my evenings to the gym and going home so tired I’d skip workouts on a regular basis. Waking up at 5:30 is no fun, but going home and making a leisurely dinner, curling up with a book, and generally taking it easy ROCKS.

  4. Katherine

    I’m not a morning person either, but the only time I can get myself to run is in the morning – maybe I’m still sleeping and partially delusional to what I’m doing?

  5. Allison

    Didn’t know you went to AU- so cool! I’ve lived just outside of DC my whole life, love it 🙂 My school (Boston U) didn’t have a football team either [although I think they tried to start a club team last year?]… They were big on hockey!

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Shannon: That’s next week’s party 🙂 I’m actually going to both of these parties with the other Shannon, who you met at the tri. She went to Tech and her husband went to Ole Miss. Do you read Ashley’s (Healthy Happier Bear) blog? She went to UGA!

      1. Ash Bear

        @Theodora: You’re going to the UGA game watching party with us next weekend? That sounds great! Glad I was going to invite you anyway! We’ll get to Pourhouse around 6pm!! 🙂 GO DAWGS or GO IRISH!

  6. Vake

    SEC team: Florida. End of story.

    I recently came across your blog while searching for some running and fitness advice. I too live in the NYC area and just finished my first official race (a 10 mile run in D.C.). Great work!

  7. Cristina

    Theodora, I found your blog through CNC a few months ago. I love reading it every day! How cool that you went to AU!! I did too! It never bothered me that we didn’t have a football team, but now that I’m in grad school at UGA and am married to a USC super fan I wish we had had football b/c I feel like I really missed out. At least we’ve had a semi descent basketball team 🙂

  8. Britney

    I also went to a school without a football team (women’s college, so there are T-shirts that say “Smith Football, Still Undefeated”). I’m going to my first ever college football game next week. But the team is not in the ACC (I googled it) so I don’t have any suggestions of who to root for. 🙂

    1. Brittany in TX

      @Britney: I went to the University of Texas at San Antonio and we too did not have a football team (that will change this fall!!!!). We also had the “Still Undefeated” t-shirts!


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