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[Apologies that my posting schedule’s been off lately–my schedule’s been a little different in general–but I promise to be back to a more normal schedule soon.]

Marathon training requires a good deal of strength and flexibility–both mental and physical.

Mentally, you need to be strong enough to endure sacrificing nights out, some sleep and long hours training solo. You need to have faith that yes, you will be able to complete this crazy feat that most people will never even attempt. You will undoubtedly face adversity during the course of training, and you need to be both strong enough to believe that you will, indeed, bounce back, and flexible enough to alter your plan if necessary and listen to your body, your schedule and other needs in life.

Physically, obviously, you need to be able to be strong enough to handle these workouts, and you need to stay physically flexible so your poor muscles don’t snap.

Last night, I worked out too late and couldn’t fall asleep until after 1. I snoozed through my run this morning because I knew my body needed more sleep to recover from this weekend and not being able to sleep last night.


But hey, I had plenty of time last night to make overnight oats in a jar.

I had plans to attend a networking function tonight, but I got home too late from work to attend. I had another four-miler on my plan, but I also had a pounding headache. I laid in bed for a few minutes, trying to decide whether to scrap a workout altogether.

I’m at the point of marathon training I’m really starting to enjoy, but it’s also the point where it’s starting to take a toll on me. My muscles are exhausted and sore from the mileage I’m putting them through week after week. I decided to move my four-mile run until tomorrow and do some strengthening and stretching tonight instead. I did the strength workout my running coach gave me and then got down with my foam roller. My legs were literally shaking. Oops. Sorry, legs. We’ll spend some more time with the foam roller, I promise.


Dinner was another soba noodle stir-fry, but tonight’s added a little curry powder for a kick.

How are you flexible in your training? (Or are you?)

7 comments on “Strength & Flexibility

  1. Fit Chick in the City

    A little of both? I’m flexible with some aspects of my training, yet totally in flexible in other areas.

    Oh and the cmmeetup was great (as you know, I don’t officially work in social media so my opinion isn’t an educated one and you may already know all about what they were talking about)! I’m definitely going back next time.

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Fit Chick in the City: I wish I had been able to make it! I just got out too late, and by the time I walked Bailey…

      I know a lot about the tools they were discussing, but I really wanted to go for the networking…I’m definitely planning on going next time, though. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Debbie

    i give myself a break during that “time of the month”, other than that, i have to keep the pedal to metal. because i know me & if i give myself an inch….i’ll take a mile.

  3. Carol Blanchfield

    Ok, message from your MOTHER

    Time for some R & R at home!
    Time to go shopping, Ride bicycles, late night talks,eat some of Mom’s comfort food, and
    sleep late in the morning,
    Oh and we have road here too, for you to do some running!!!


  4. Beth @ Beth's Journey

    I am flexible with my training schedule because I am traveling so much during some of the farthest training runs on my schedule. I have also scrapped a lot of the 30 minute Sunday recovery runs and instead embraced an extra rest day. I do really need to start incorporating more strength training and cross training, and not just running only like I’ve been doing for the last several weeks!


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