MCM Training: Day 2

So, um, I’m a little excited about marathon training right now.

Since leaving work last night, I’ve run a total of almost 10 miles. I ran the 4 miles after work yesterday and then I met Jocelyn bright and early this morning for another 6. I was *supposed* to do four miles of hills, but I knew I wasn’t going to feel like trekking up to the park before work, and I’m not going to be able to run after work, so I was happy to tag along for Jocelyn’s 6.

We live really close to each other but this is the first time (but hopefully not the last!) we’ve met up to run.

We met exactly one block from my apartment (WOO) and ran the mile to the West Side Highway, two miles down and turned back. I’m waiting for my new Garmin strap to come, so I ran with my phone again and didn’t look at it and just went by Jocelyn’s pace.

Which I would not categorize as “comfortable.” We were definitely pushing it, but not so much so that I couldn’t hang on. I mentally estimated we were running less than an 8:30 mile, but when we turned around, Jocelyn said we’d run 3 miles in 24 minutes. Or basically almost raced a 5K before 6:30am on a Wednesday morning. So clearly we’re going to start a Wednesday am 5K race series, if you’d like to join.

We slowed down a bit on the second half, but still kept under a 9:00 pace. So not quite the “4 miles hills” on my plan but still a solid workout.

As we ran back, I told her I was trying to keep up with her, and she said the same of me.

Lessons learned: let someone else wear the Garmin, run with someone who will push you, maybe break your watch, believe in yourself a little more, actually do your damn hill training.

15 comments on “MCM Training: Day 2

  1. Herb Butzbach

    Check out Molly Sheridan she is an associate of mine, she runs ultra marathons, she is the only woman to ever finish the La-ultra High, a 138 mile non-stop race in the Himalayas of Northern India at 18,000 feet elevation…..
    She is an inspiration,,,,

  2. Cathryn @ My Heart's Content

    Ha, you’re right in all your conclusions. I should find someone to run with who pushes me, but sometimes just squeezing a run in is enough!!

    Hills are fun though. I started hill running a few weeks ago and am loving it in a kind of masochistic way. I can see real progress though and that’s so encouraging!!!

  3. Jocelyn

    DUDE YOU WERE PUSHING ME. I was like “WTF Theodora is this crazy fast runner!! And I’m about to die which would not look cool”.

    We are actually probably pretty good for each other then! 5K Wednesday morning series. GOAL PACE by September – 7:30s?

  4. Christina

    I’m the worst at running with friend! For some reason I just cannot do the whole “run and chat” thing. it throws my breathing off. But 5k Wednesday’s? Hmm I may be down with that.

  5. Andrea

    When you wake up really early to run do you normally eat anything. I’ve been running after having my morning coffee and it’s okay, but I was wondering if I should try to eat a banana or something before I go. If it would make it easier. I’m only doing 3 miles right now.

    1. Theodora

      @Andrea: Unless I wake up hungry, or am running more than 6 miles (or running a race), I don’t usually eat before running in the morning–mostly because I’m just not that hungry that early. You could try maybe half a banana or a mini-Larabar and see how you feel.

  6. Sokphal

    Awesome run! Going Garmin-less is a good feeling…you can just run by feel! But most of my runs now aren’t like that. Seriously, what did we ever do without our Garmin watches?! Can we call you a morning runner now? 🙂


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