The Pre-Run High Is a Thing, Right?

I just finished my first Marine Corps Marathon training run!


Minus that hour I spent refusing to get out of bed this morning after staying up too late last night at another Junior League meeting, I was excited all day to run. I even really wanted to sneak out at lunch, but that’s not really an option for me. But good lord did I want to go as my coworker and I went to pick up lunch. If I hadn’t been wearing 5-inch wedges and a skirt, she might have had to restrain me.

I’m pretty sure I was rocking the world’s first pre-run high today. I printed out my training plan. My creepy coworker who sits next to me and reads my blog aloud (Hi Izzy!) and I talked marathon for a while–she’s doing NYC, and it’s her first! Marathon was seriously on the brain.

I brought clothes to work so that there was no way I’d change my mind once I got home. I changed clothes and pretty much skipped out of work. These days I mostly run in the mornings (which is shocking to me, too), and any time I run at night, my lower back is SERIOUSLY tight when I start after spending all day sitting at a desk. I usually just suck in engage my core and stretch my arms up and it goes away, but it’s an annoying way to start. I ran east to the East River from my office and realized that E. 29th/30th is not the best spot to get onto the East River path, and I ended up running through Bellevue. Oops.

Per my plan, I was supposed to do 4 miles at an “easy” pace. The plan identified “easy” as 10:04. I had my phone in my Spibelt and pulled it out a few times to check my distance, but mostly ran by what felt easy at the time, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was keeping right around a 9:00 mile…even if I wasn’t supposed to.

photo (58).JPG

I was definitely in a bit of a funk a little earlier this spring, but with lots and lots of endorphins from marathon training and my exciting new Junior League responsibilities, I’m pretty sure all that’s turning around.

Let the games begin.

20 comments on “The Pre-Run High Is a Thing, Right?

  1. Liz @ An Interesting Year

    I was just sitting around sort of dreading getting up to run 400s on the treadmill tomorrow morning and was considering procrastinating till after work, but this just got me kind of excited for it, and now I’m motivated to get up and run (and placated myself by saying I’ll do the 2-mile warmup outside before hopping on the ‘mill…long, slow miles on it make me want to die a little inside). Thanks!

  2. Abby @ BackAtSquareZero

    Woohoo. MCM! I am actually kind of sad though. I really hurt my lower back and tried to do my first training run yesterday, but couldn’t make it. Every step brought tears to my eyes. However, I am resting up so I can kick some MCM butt next week and you are totally motivating me:)

    1. Theodora Post author

      You’re right, I think that’s off. I’ve read that running usually burns ~100 calories per mile.

  3. Ada

    Haha that’s too funny, I work at Bellevue! Wish I had seen you running through the lobby. It is a great location to take lunch break runs

  4. Laura

    HOORAY for running by feel! I much prefer that to sticking to a given pace. I think your body knows what it needs to do and is pretty good at self-regulation.

  5. Christina

    Pre-run high is totally a thing! That was me yesterday, I damn near ran over my boss trying to get out of my building so I can go for a run lol.

    I think I’m going to run the East River on Saturday morning, can’t wait! They really fixed it up nicely. Back in the day it was a major dump.


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