Workouts Lately

So it’s been two weeks since I decided not to do the Half-Ironman. And I still feel great about the decision, so it was certainly the right one right now.

What have I been up to since then?

It should surprise nobody that I’ve been to Uplift three times.

One regular class, one “triathlon” and one Workout + Wine.

I went to SoulCycle once with a coworker.

I ran two loops of Prospect Park yesterday with coworkers. (The two champs who ran the Brooklyn Half as their first halfs are now training for their second halfs. YES! CONVERTS.)

Today, I intended on getting back on the bike but I only had a limited time window to get ‘er done, and I am an idiot. I took off both wheels to get the bike into the car coming back from the Hamptons two weeks ago, and I’m having trouble getting the back wheel back on. Back to the bike store when I have a minute…

I was weirdly sore but still wanted to get something in today, so I did two of our DailyBurn workouts – an ab one and a yoga one.

I also have swum a few times — I started really really enjoying it while tri training. My gym isn’t cheap though (oh hai, NYC) so I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to keep the membership if I’m only going to swim maybe once or twice a week for funsies.

Reach the Beach Preppy Runner

2012 throwback!

Still no goals, but I’m doing Reach the Beach with New Balance in a few weeks, so I’m definitely going to be focusing more on my running again for now.

Also, I’ve been really inspired by Kristine’s Whole 30 challenge, so I’m thinking of doing something similar. Either way, I need to clean up my diet (and my finances) a bit, so cooking more whole foods at home wouldn’t hurt anything. Grace also had an awesome post lately about slowing the eff down (my words, not hers) and now that summer’s coming to a close, that wouldn’t be a bad idea for me to do the same.

P.S. I am kicking and screaming internally that summer is nearly over.

Et toi? What kind of workouts have you been doing lately? What’s on your mind?

9 comments on “Workouts Lately

  1. Kristine

    LOVING all the workout variety! Also – take me to Uplift when I’m in NYC please 🙂 I’m loving this Whole30. Re: wine, I’m just doing the best I can. I have a couple of weddings to attend in the coming weeks in which I will be drinking wine and champagne because I am human. (2 occasions of drinking out of 30 days is fine by me!) But definitely sticking out the food part for the Full 30! Do it with me! I swear it’s not that limiting!

  2. Katie

    I’ve found that drop in pricing works better for me for swimming. But I also like committing myself to 6 weeks of swimming, focusing on it and then moving on. Some gyms have worked with me and given me a 2 month contract even if they don’t “technically” offer it.

  3. joelle (on a pink typewriter)

    I’m in half training, and I have been using barre class at cross training…. we shall see how well that serves me. 😉

    Also, since you’re a New Balance fan, know anything about their GPS watches for running? I got one as a birthday gift this weekend bc my Garmin is on its last leg… do you happen to know how solid they are in terms of quality and accuracy, particularly compared to Garmin or Nike (who are more well known to me for these types for tech accessories)?

  4. Lauren @ Beautiful Plant-Based Life

    I have been loving the beautiful weather we’ve been having in NYC! Any outdoor workout is a great one in my book (especially lately)- running in Central Park, biking along the Hudson, and outdoor yoga classes. I may not be “kicking and screaming internally” about the end of the summer but I am definitely pouting! 😉

  5. Ashley

    I’m running a relay this weekend that is literally ALL THAT IS ON MY MIND! Even though I just started a new job, ha. Probably not a good thing. . .


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