The Links That Brought Me Down the Internet Wormhole This Week

It’s been a while since I’ve done a links I love post (here, that is—I do them on the regs at work), and I found some particularly awesome reads this week, so I thought I’d share. I also have been trying to make a point of letting the author know, via email, tweet or comment, when I’ve really enjoyed something they’ve written because it’s nice to show a little appreciation for their work.

Have You Met My Life Partner, Low-Grade Anxiety? This read was GOOD, and I think unfortunately, far too many of us can identify with it. (ELLE)

The Cult of Busy I will fully admit that I’ve definitely glorified busy too much as well as made myself unnecessarily busy, so this article resonated a whole lot with me. Over the past year, I’ve been actively trying to de-busy my life. And it’s awesome. (Medium)

F Yes or No I found this one via Grace’s blog and it builds on the “hell yes or no” principle of saying no if you’re not fully enthusiastic about something and applies it to dating. Still searching for that hell yes! (Mark Manson)

Nutrition Labels for Alcohol, Explained Or, rather, their lack thereof and the complicated reasons behind it and the potential public health implications of consumers knowing how many calories they’re consuming when they drink. (Vox)

Stupidity Virus Apparently, that’s a thing. (ABC News)

On the book front, I finished Amy Poehler’s book and started the galley of Andie’s book. I enjoyed the first 75% of Amy’s book, because it was freaking hysterical, and then it kind of fell off, and I finished it just to finish it. She writes about penning a book being difficult, and you can kind of tell she just wanted to be done, too, by the end. Still, I love her super-sarcastic voice. I’m only a few chapters into Andie’s book, but I love her writing voice, too. (Totally different.) These two books—and reading my coworker Amanda’s output—just make me want to be a better writer.

What were your favorite reads this week, and do you have any favorite reads (books or online) on writing?

8 comments on “The Links That Brought Me Down the Internet Wormhole This Week

  1. Katie

    Pumped to read the F this article (and the ones you linked from finding it). I posted a little about what I”m looking for in a mate and that was a little anxiety inducing. But, I suppose if I put it out in the universe, maybe it will come to me?

  2. Lauren @ Beautiful Plant-Based Life

    This post reminded me that I really should get back to reading real books… it’s been a while. My parents were here in NYC visiting for the weekend and we took them to Chelsea Market this morning. I love the bookstore there! We came across an adorable, feel-good book, Everything I Need To Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book. It’s the sweetest. My parents bought a copy to have out and share with guests during the holiday season. Each time we turned the page we would say, “Awww…” or “I remember that one!”


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