Always Pushing the Comfort Zone

I mentioned the other day that I was trying Live to Fail with my coworkers.

I’ve tried half a gazillion different kinds of workouts since I started working out, but it has been a long time since I’ve focused on just heavy, work-your-muscles-to-fatigue lifting. It’s what I did with my trainer when I initially lost weight and what I did with Leanne when I was prepping for a photoshoot last year. And that shit is humbling.

But that’s the premise of the program— breaking the muscles down to rebuild them stronger. 

I’m two sessions in, and DAMN. I’m proud of myself and the other women who are showing up at 8am.

If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done.

*That “never had” would be muscles here.

Mile High Run Club

Last night, I went to a class at Mile High with Oakley. I’m running the Mini 10K with them, so they had a training class for us.

And they gave us THE BEST PANTS EVER.

Oh, but back to the comfort zone stuff. The workout was a really fun one. The entire run was 28 minutes, and the speed intervals consisted of: 4 minutes at 10K pace, 3 minutes at 5K pace, 2 minutes at one-mile pace, and 1 minute at one-minute pace. I broke those down to 8:00, 7:35, 7:00 and 6:19. According to the Jack Daniels calculator, with my new shiny half PR, I can do a 10K at a 7:52 pace, so I probably could have pushed myself a bit more there, but I still left shweaty and feeling like I challenged myself.

Speaking of challenges, Ashley and I are talking about doing a joint challenge on our blogs, mostly for accountability purposes, in the month of June. What would you want to see from us, both in terms of check-ins and food?

4 comments on “Always Pushing the Comfort Zone

  1. Joan

    So, wait, is the challenge that you’ll post your check-ins? Or that we comment with OUR check-ins? Or..?

    I would love to see what you eat again. I know that’s super time-consuming but it really motivates me.


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