XtendBarre at Surf Lodge (and Outdoor NYC Workouts!)

Where am I even? Since Thursday night, I’ve gone back to NJ, driven to Shelter Island and back to NYC and then back to NJ tonight to hand off car for dog before heading back to NYC tomorrow. (Which meant meatballs tonight, most importantly.)

But I had a lovely weekend east of my fair city.

We were so exhausted by the time we finally got to Shelter Island, that Friday was a super low-key night with dinner and just a drink or two at Sunset Beach, where we’d spend a whole lot of time the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning, we headed over to Montauk for a workout. I was invited to an XtendBarre class with founder Andrea Rodgers, and the PR people were kind enough to let me bring my friends I was traveling with for the weekend.

XtendBarre Surf Lodge

On a side note, I love that working out and living a fit/healthy lifestyle has become mainstream and popular enough that it’s no longer just my blogger friends or running friends that I can talk into working out with me on a trip.

The class was at Surf Lodge in Montauk, which I actually hadn’t been to yet, but is a popular bar out there. The irony of working out there on the deck was lost on no one.

Surf Lodge XtendBarre

They had gorgeous Manduka jewel-toned mats on the deck, and beach chairs served as makeshift barres.

 Surf Lodge

I don’t do barre often because, honestly, I suck at it. I’m used to running and lifting, and the tiny movements KILL me. (My friends, one avid ClassPasser and one former dancer were surprised that it was so hard for me, who tries so many workouts. Yeah. Not used to those little muscles.)

The class was great proof of what a good workout you can get with just a mat, chair and band. The workout felt pretty similar to most barre classes I’ve taken, along with the requisite shaky quads from hovering on your tippy toes forever. It also fused some Pilates elements like teasers at the end. Although this class was a private event, they apparently have more frequent yoga open to the public but I’m having a hard time finding a schedule for this year. 

But if you’re not heading to the Hamptons this summer…here’s some awesome guides to outdoor workout options I’ve come across recently. I’ll continue to update this with any awesome outdoor NYC workouts I find for the summer.

Time Out NY: This is an awesome comprehensive guide to outdoor workouts going on in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Lole: They’re doing a TON of free outdoor workouts, including June 2 with my Uplift buddies. 

What’s your favorite indoor workout to take outdoors?

7 comments on “XtendBarre at Surf Lodge (and Outdoor NYC Workouts!)

  1. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    My sister is a flybarre instructor which means I can go to her classes (and all the flybarre and flywheel I want) comped. I have started doing 2-3 barre classes a week and it never gets easier! But I am happy that maybe, finally I will get an actual strong core.

    I love outdoor bootcamps on the water. Also yoga; but yoga in some serene place, not NYC where you have all the craziness surrounding you!

  2. Charlie

    OMG, I find Barre so so hard, but I know it’s a great workout. I’ve been going to barre more regularly for a few weeks and although I can’t see a difference in my ability to complete a whole set, or not shake the entire class, apparently my teacher can see improvements! Would love to try an outdoor class in the Hamptons, how awesome!


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