I’ve Got (New) Goals, Yo.

Greetings from Shelter Island, where the wine is crisp and I haven’t yet been invited onto one of these yachts.

It’s the first beach weekend of the year, and I am HAPPY.

When I get back, though, I have some new goals to chase. I’ll probably start marathon training in about another month or so, and I always like to use non-running training as a time to strength train.

We have a ladies’ chat room at work, and last week my friend Alison asked if anyone wanted to try our lifting program together. IT’S ON. We’re not going to 100% follow the entire program, but we’re starting with a realistic two days a week on top of our normal workout routines.

Lilly Pulitzer Cookies

We spent Saturday afternoon window shopping in East Hampton, where there were definitely NO sales, but there’s lots of sales on the internets today, and I am trying to un-memorize my credit card number right now.

Lilly: LOTS of gifts with purchase. I can’t say I’d mind a rolling cooler, but I’m not ready for that kind of spend!

Nordstrom: Half yearly sale! Ashley has some great picks in this post.

Rebecca Minkoff: up to 50% off. I am NOT clicking through. I am NOT clicking through.

Athleta: $25 off $150, $50 off $250, $150 off $500 with code HEATINGUP.

What are your current workout goalz?

6 comments on “I’ve Got (New) Goals, Yo.

  1. Meghan

    My current workout goal is to build my base for Chicago training/not to beat myself up when work stress gets in the way of that. I’m transitioning between my current role to full time consulting and doing all of everything for the next week and a half. Once that’s done I am really hoping I can kick up the running!

  2. Mary

    Hahahaa i have to unmemorize mone as well! One time, i ordered sheets while I was sleeping/partially awake. Definitely had to change my card after that…

  3. Jamie

    I’d really like to get more consistent with my cross training and keep building up my base milage for marathon training in July. Love love love those cookies…


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