Sweating for a Cause at Barre3 with the NYJL

Happy Sunday. It is POURING and I just want to hole up on my couch and hide.

Barre3 NYJL

Yesterday, I tried out a new-to-me class/studio, Barre3. The New York Junior League is doing a new initiative called NYJL Moves, which is partnering with area studios as a fundraiser to support the hard work we do in the community to help women and children.

Shameless plug: I am also raising money for the NYJL through my marathon fundraiser, if you’d like to support less fortunate women and children in NYC: http://crowdrise.com/juniorleaguenyc2015/fundraiser/Theodora

Yesterday’s studio was Barre3, a barre (duh) studio in the West Village. It’s been open for a little over a year, but I hadn’t been in to try it, mostly because barre isn’t so much my thing. (Yet I’ve done it twice in the past week?)

Our instructor was Tori Gregson, and she was GREAT. She was very attentive at giving modifications to those who needed them, and often, she would tell us exercises she had issues with, which was super relatable.

To be honest, sometimes working out with a whole bunch of people I know makes me a little nervous. What if I look like a total ass? But then I always remember that just as I’m not looking at/judging anyone else, nobody’s probably looking at me and judging me either. Plus, it’s always fun to catch your friend’s eye just as something is really starting to burn and knowing you’re in it together.

The class itself was TOUGH. I don’t sweat a ton, and I was drenched within the first 10 minutes. We started off with legs, moved into arm work, then “seat” (butt) work, and ended on the floor with core work.


For some of the core work, we had to lean back on this ball, and I was terrified I was going to pop it. The move that stands out to me as the burniest (new word!) was looping one foot through the resistance band and doing 14 million leg lifts. OW.

As someone who prefers heavy weights and running, classes like these definitely take me out of my comfort zone and remind me you can still get a great burn in with your bodyweight and three-pound weights.

Speaking of comfort zones, I’m off to a DANCE class now. All the LOLs.

10 comments on “Sweating for a Cause at Barre3 with the NYJL

  1. Kayla

    Ah I’m been so curious about Barre3, it’s really close to my apartment and I know people love their other locations.

    I think Burniest might be the best new fitness word.

  2. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    I honestly don’t think barre every gets easier – my sister put us through the most ridiculous seat exercise yesterday and I was mouth curses to her 🙂

    Burniest = best way to describe barre. Thank you for that.


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