How to Celebrate National Running Day

Tomorrow is National Running Day, you guys!

National Running Day

Why do YOU run?

I run because it gives so much back to me. It is a great workout, sure, but I would honestly keep running even if it burned zero calories. That is truly just a(n awesome) bonus.

I’ve run through bad times, I’ve run through good times (< no links because I would just link to the other 98% of my blog of happy running memories), I’ve crushed PRs, and I’ve had runs that have crushed me.

National Running Day was probably created by the running industry, but hey, I’m OK with that. 

Here’s a rundown of some cool things you should know about to celebrate National Running Day


$26.20 classes at Mile High Run Club

It just so happens to be a November Project day!

Jack Rabbit scavenger hunt / 6pm group run at Bethesda Fountain

Prospect Park Al Goldstein 5K

Charity Miles meetup

Lululemon Brookfield Run Club


New Balance is launching a cool “see my run” interactive experience on Instagram

Rock ’n’ Roll will be providing discounts tomorrow — stay tuned to their social media for announcements

I’d love to say I’ll update this tomorrow as I find more, but…let’s be real, I won’t. I have a busy day at work, starting with going out to the National Tennis Center in Queens for something I’m writing. I can’t wait! I hope to get in a really early run solo before heading out there.

4 comments on “How to Celebrate National Running Day

  1. Ash Diamond

    I’m going to snag a few Mile High RC classes since they are discounted! The RNR race discount is definitely a good one – my family signed up for RNR Savannah with the discount!

  2. Aimee

    Thanks for reminding us about National Running Day. I am an overweight runner who has completed 4 half marathons. I am trying to lose weight and running helps me feel like I accomplish something that no one thought I could do. I am supposed to do speed work tomorrow, so I know I will be celebrating a little late that way, but I had knee surgery so I don’t want to chance interrupting the healing process as much as I really want to celebrate today. I might film a little video blog to celebrate today, but either way, thanks for the reminder. I am enjoying your blog!

  3. Shawna

    love that you listed all these events for us NYC runners. i’ve yet to check out Nov Project but read a lot about it and it looks great — def smthg i’m interested in. i work in Brookfield Place and was chatting w/ a chick in Lulu last week about their Wed evening runs, so i’m going to check that out hopefully next week, as i’m looking for some running buddies! tonight i’m actually doing a running bootcamp up on the west side and 42nd st with a crew, so i’m stoked for that. have a great NRD!

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