Dancing Like a Fool at AKT in Motion

OK, so nothing will be as far beyond my fitness comfort zone as dancing with the Rockettes, but I went pretty far outside of my comfort zone the other morning for another dance class.


Apparently, I don’t always dance, but when I do it’s with Target?!

Anna Kaiser, who runs AKT, a dance fitness studio, is collaborating with Target for a sweet new athleisure line, so they had an event to showcase the collection. I’ve been LIVING in my Target leggings since the Rockette event, so this is super exciting news.

AKT Target C9 Cardio is My Happy Hour

But also happy hour is my happy hour.

Target C9 Anna Kaiser

No piece in the collection will be more than $41.99, AND AKT will be offering classes at several Target stores in Atlanta, Houston, LA and NYC. 

But you wanna hear about the class, right?

The 60-minute “happy hour” class — GOOD GOD. I’m in decent shape, and man oh man, was this humbling.

For one, I have zero moves. This is likely not surprising to any of you. Plus, I was battling some sinus crap and my equilibrium was a little (more than usual) off, so that was fun.

The class is mostly dance, but I loved that there were also several strength and plyo songs mixed in. And when I say dance, I mean super freaking high intensity dance. This not-super-sweaty girl was DRENCHED.

Although I felt like a fool for 94% of the time, I gave up caring and just danced. Was I at all coordinated? Could I keep up? NOPE. But I was really so bad it was comical to me, and any time I caught Ashley’s eye in the mirror, I couldn’t help but laugh.

10/10, would dance again.

Fave athleisure line? Dance cardio: yay or nay?

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