My 2016 Cookie Swap

candy canes

I am so content right now. 

Yesterday, I hosted my SEVENTH cookie swap. It’s a tradition I started in 2010, and I’ve also now hosted it in three different apartments…and a gym. And last year, the best friends in the world threw me a surprise cookie swap because they knew how important it was to me, but that I wasn’t in the place to host one myself.

This year, with a bigger apartment, and a bit more stability in life, I was ready to host at my own place! Knowing myself and that I’d have a ton of random last-minute errands to do on Saturday morning, I ordered everything on Amazon Prime Now (god bless that app) and Fresh Direct and had tons of boxes in my apartment Friday night.

Amazon Prime Now

Everything…except nonpareil sprinkles, which are weirdly hard to find in NYC. And real flour. (But plenty of gluten free stuff…that didn’t work in the recipe I was trying.)

So, Saturday morning I got me some real flour, dropped off Bailey at doggie day care (he doesn’t party well), went to the gym, and went back to the drawing board with the cookies. (Thankfully my original recipe turned out just fine!)

Meg and Lacey came over early to help, and they were the best elves in the world. We made quick work of transforming my apartment into a festive wonderland.

Cookie Swap Treat Bags

Things you probably didn’t know about me: I have a serious Etsy problem. I bought these bags and the woman even personalized them free!

cookie swap


For other non-cookie food, I just did some charcuterie, cheese and pigs in a blanket.

pigs in a blanket

I bought a crap-ton of wine, and also made this sangria recipe. Several hours in, one of my friends asked if she could “cook the sangria.” She wanted to try to make mulled wine. It wasn’t quite mulled wine, but it was warm and flavorful…so there’s that.

cookie swap

I had about 20-25 people total, and it made me so, so happy to have all of my favorite people in one place celebrating my favorite season.

cookie swap

Coworker love!

cookie swap

Melissa totally wins for festive attire. (Although I do love my “fancy” llama sweater.)

10/10, would cookie again.

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie? And what’s your favorite holiday tradition you’ve created for yourself as an adult?

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