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Body Pump Review

There’s all sorts of trends in the health blogger world–some I care about, others I can let go. (Chia seeds? Meh.)

But there’s one class that bloggers keep talking about that was making me feel a little left out: Body Pump. Sure, Equinox has some pretty awesome classes, but I keep hearing about Body Pump, especially from Tina, who’s obsessed. (I mean, for good reason.)


A couple weeks ago, I decided to make it my mission to track this class down. Liz was down for the challenge, too, and we found it at a Gold’s Gym on 54th Street. A few other Tumblrs were going to come with us, but it ended up being just the two of us last night.

I ran up to the Gold’s to meet Liz, and we were both a little terrified of what to expect. We picked weights conservatively, not wanting to die.

But we both LOVED the class! If you’ve never done Body Pump before, it’s general shtick is this: strength training + music. You take a weight lifting bar and add plates to the end to get to your desired weight. I swear I get exercise amnesia–I’m in such a zone that I can never remember what I did, so what follows may be a little off. You do each set of exercises to a song, and when the song is done, you’re done with that set and move on to the next set.

You’re constantly moving, and it’s really hard, but a really good workout, and one that I would definitely try again. The music is what makes it so awesome. I caught Liz’s eye a few times during the workout, and she looked as weary-but-enjoying it as me.

Have you ever done BodyPump or a class like it? (Other than the music part, it reminds me of Total Body Conditioning at NYSC.) If you live in NYC and go to Equinox, do you know of a similar class there that I should try?