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NYCM Training Recap: Week of July 17

Blogging about my workouts (and food, to a lesser extent these days) keeps me accountable. I’ve liked the recaps of a previous week of training some bloggers have been doing, and I like Jess’ Say It, Do It, posting her planned workouts for the upcoming week, so I’m going to give it a try to keep me accountable and give you a look at my marathon training (and find more people to work out with. If you want to do any of these workouts or part of them with me, please let me know.)


Sunday: 17-mile bike ride

Monday: I didn’t blog about it, but I did a 30-minute swim workout

Tuesday: an epic 7-mile run with Tina and Ali

Wednesday: I ended up taking a rest day because I screwed around all day and lost track of time

Thursday: 6-mile run

Friday: tri practice: 6.5-mile bike ride + 1 mile run

Saturday: NYRR Sprint Tri! (400m swim, 10.5 mile bike, 3.1 mile run)

Sunday: yoga + 2-mile shakeout run

Total: 33.5 miles biking, 19.1 miles running (This is a little low for a marathon training week, but I did a sprint tri. So there’s that.)


Monday: 6 mile run (4x strides) <– currently waiting for my coach to explain strides to me.

Tuesday: 6 mile run (4x strides)

Wednesday: 55 minutes XT (I’m planning swimming–I started really enjoying it!)

Thursday: 6 mile run (4x strides)
Friday: probably a rest/yoga day
Saturday: 13 miles. Gulp.
Sunday: probably a little shake-out rude
The wildcard is still strength training. I’m supposed to do it three times a week, and he’s given me a specific strength training routine, but doing it alone in the gym still makes me feel like the dumb girl who has no idea what she’s doing in a weight room–so I will probably try to work two strength classes in.

And if you really don’t care about my workouts…

…do you like Bailey’s summer cut? He looks so little without all his fluff!
What workouts do you have planned this week?

Strength Training Check-In + Breakfast for Dinner

I have still not gotten over my fear of strength training alone in the gym, so I still haven’t gone to the gym alone to lift. Despite having perused this book.

But, on the upside, I’m still remaining conscious of pushing myself to do things other than cardio to keep strong.

Last week:

Monday: Barre Burn

Wednesday: hot yoga

Friday: forgot to blog about it, but I did hot yoga again with Selena

That’s a total of four hours of strengthening. I’ve been shooting for 120 minutes/2 hours, so I’m pleased with that.

It’s been nice not having a training plan since I finished my last half-marathon last month, but I think I thrive on training plans, so I’m going to start training this week for my upcoming sprint tri.

Screen shot 2011-05-09 at 8.55.01 PM.png

Courtesy of my man Hal Higdon.

The race isn’t for another 10 weeks, but I’m starting early and just doing weeks one and two twice each. I’ll be doing Physique for my strength until I run out of classes. I have an incredibly busy month of travel–by June 1, I will have spent time in: NY, NJ, MA, MD, DC, NC and possibly RI–so I’ll likely have to move some of these workouts around and possibly forgo a few. I’m totally doing this race for fun, so I’m okay with that. I don’t know much about triathlon-ing, so I don’t know what a good time is or isn’t (and don’t want to know!)


I had a turkey burger, brown rice and broccoli for lunch today.


When I got home, I realized I didn’t have much food (being in NJ yesterday meant that I didn’t get to go grocery shopping), but I still wanted to challenge myself to cook. I’ve been spending too much money on eating out lately. I made an easy egg wrap for dinner. I scrambled two eggs with a bit of almond milk and threw in some salsa. Boom. Dinner in less than 5 minutes.

One of my things that’s been on my blog to-do list for a while is to put up a FAQ page. So what do you want to know?