Friday Favorites: Travel

Happy Friday AND happy almost Thanksgiving!

As I was walking through the Geneva airport to board my flight last month, I thought of a few creature comforts that either made my trip easier or more enjoyable, or just helped me feel like I was traveling like a put-together adult and not a shleppy kid in an adult’s body.

Small Travel Luxuries I Can't Live Without

FUZZY SOCKS: I can’t live without fuzzy socks for travel, especially really long flights like the eight-hour flight from Geneva to New York. The SECOND I boarded and pulled out all my tech toys, I immediately took off my boots and pulled on my fuzzy socks, which keep my feet warm and comfy for the flight.

Evian Mist: This one is totally not necessary, but is a fairly cheap little luxury. When I can remember, I love to buy a little bottle of this spritzer to keep my face from feeling really dry during flight.

C. Wonder Makeup Bag: I got this on double sale last year, and I love it. It’s the same fabric as more luxurious makeup bags at a fraction of the cost. It’s big enough that I was able to fit all the makeup and toiletries I needed for the trip. (It helped that I was staying with a friend who works in beauty, and I totally mooched off her products but I usually travel fairly lightly on the beauty products anyway.)

C. Wonder Clutch: The day before I left, I stood in line at the C. Wonder sample sale on the verge of a panic attack. How in all hell would I get everything done before boarding? I reminded myself I would get everything done but that these sales would not wait, and I bought two clutches: one for me, and one as a gift for Ashley for TWENTY DOLLARS EACH. So well worth it. It worked as a good medium-sized bag during the day when I didn’t need to carry a whole ton, and I just wore my camera total tourist-style on my shoulder.

Wrap Sweater: I’m sort of addicted to wrap sweaters, or “wine sweaters” as Kimra calls them, but they are The Best for traveling to snuggle up in. I wore a SmartWool one out to Geneva and a New Balance wrap on the way back. Some people bring scarves for the same reason, but I usually feel like I’m being choked in a scarf, so sweaters for the win.

Tech Travel Necessities

The Tech I Can’t Live Without for Travel

iPad Mini: For reading books and magazines, obviously, and watching TV? (Long-time readers know I don’t really do TV but Ashley got me hooked on Scandal, and I downloaded some episodes before boarding my flight.)

MacBook Air: Last year I switched from a Pro to an Air, and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t travel a ton, but it’s still nice to have such a light laptop. I don’t find the lack of CD drive or slightly diminished processing power a problem at all. I can use my work laptop for any of that real heavy-duty stufff.

Canon Rebel T3i: For a hot second, I considered only bringing a point-and-shoot, but why have a D-SLR if I’m not going to bring it on vacation? Sure, it’s heavy and annoying sometimes, but the photos are well worth it. I used to have a Nikon, but I find the Canon a lot more intuitive.

SolRepublic Earbuds: I’m in the market for a good set of noise-canceling or bigger headphones, but for now, these SolRepublic babies do the trick. I received them at an event a few months ago, and I use them for everything from running to work to travel.

Travel Bags

The Travel Bags

Ironically, my suitcase is the cheapest of these…

Samsonite 25″: I’d had the same old terrible Ralph Lauren luggage since I graduated college. It was so cool then, but it’s showing its age as well as making me look like I have the taste of a showy little thing from NJ, not the refined lady I am. (Ha.) I scored it at the Samsonite outlet up at Woodbury just a few weeks before I left for about $200. If you have time to get up there before a trip (or even proactively), it’s worth the madness, I swear. It also looks like there’s a great sale going on right now on

Longchamp Expandable Tote: When Ashley came to visit me last year, I thought this was such a cool bag. Unzipped to its full potential, it’s a great sized weekender. BUT THEN, YOU CAN ZIP IT UP AND IT COLLAPSES to about 2/3 of its size. But really, did I need another bag? (The answer is still no, but I had a gift card from a blog project and thought it was a nice little treat to buy before my trip.) Ashley’s apartment in Geneva served as our home base for the week, but for our overnights to Lyon and Italy, it was a solid size to fit what I needed for a short trip while still looking stylish/not standing out as an American.

Louis Vuitton Speedy: I got this as a 30th birthday gift, and it’s just such a classic bag that will forever be one of my favorites. It fit in well in Europe, and can also hold my camera when I don’t feel like having it out like a tourist or don’t want to forget it at a bar or restaurant.

What do you love having with you when you travel?

9 comments on “Friday Favorites: Travel

  1. meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles

    I have been using the classic Prada (messenger bag?/Mail bag? I never remember what it’s called lol) since college whenever I travel, especially to places where I want my hands free. It has lasted me for years and always goes with whatever I am wearing/wherever I am going. I also like to use the tiny Louis bag (ugh, what is it called, it’s super small with a zipper and strap) because it fits inside of any bag and is easy to pull out like when you go through airport security and need your wallet quick etc. It also doubles really well as your purse for the evening because it holds the essentials.

  2. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul

    I got the LV Speedy 25 when I was a teen and it is such a huge regret now. I should have gotten the 30 so I could actually use it and have room to put stuff inside of it. Its been sitting in my closet for so long now because I’m not sure what to do with it. Womp womp.

  3. Katie

    Love that Louis, I have a tote that my dad bought me for my 25th (he’s strangely into high fashion brands, owns more gucci shoes than I want to admit (and is straight)). ANYWAYS! I would love to buy a longchamp tote, but cannot justify that much money for nylon and a strap of leather. I would love to get a burberry trench someday.

  4. Sara @ Lake Shore Runner

    I love anything C. Wonder! My mom loves it too, so last year most of the wrap under the Christmas tree was the blue with colorful C’s all over it. It helps that our last name starts with a C too.

    I always bring snacks too! But as for a bag I love my Lulu bag which they of course no longer have online. There are so many compartments that I can store things in 🙂

  5. Alison

    These are some good picks! I love Samsonite bags, but I’ve actually found their outlet to be a bit of a ripoff. My favorite spot for stylish, quality luggage: TJ Maxx/Marshalls. I needed all new luggage last year before a major move and I found a fantastic set at the Samsonite outlet out on LI but wasn’t thrilled with the price (would have been a little more than $500 for 3 pieces, even with a big sale, extra coupons, etc.). Luckily there was a TJ Maxx down the road and I found the same exact set (same color and everything!) for $240 total. The Everygirl Instagrammed a photo of a great DVF suitcase a few weeks ago and admitted it was a cheap TJ Maxx find, so now I’m obsessed with finding one of my own (can never have too much luggage, right?).

  6. Lauren @ Beautiful Plant-Based Life

    When I travel, I must have some good reading material that I’ve already begun! Ideally, I start reading a new book on my kindle a few days before a big trip. I don’t love flying, so it’s comforting to have a sense of the book and characters by the time I’m sitting on the plane. Of course, an issue of US Weekly is just the opposite. (No background needed!) I just need to hide it from myself, so I don’t read it before the flight!


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