My 2018 Cookie Swap!

Candy canes

Last Saturday, I hosted my NINTH cookie swap. (WHAT?)

(2010 | 2011| 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017)

Looking back at those posts really took me back on an emotional journey. The happy, silly cookie swaps. The cookie swaps my mom came to. The surprise cookie swap Meg hosted for me the first year my mom was sick. That first one I hosted last year after she died.

But what they all have in common is this: I am a lucky woman to have so many great women in my life, even if some of the cast of characters changes.

IMG 3129

Oh yeah, and cookies.

I’m trying to ~ control my chaos ~ as of late, so I actually made my cookies the night before, and I did a simple gingerbread molasses recipe. (It was passed on from a friend so unfortunately I can’t link to it.) By the time one of my BFFs, Blake, came over early to help me, I was actually really calm, something that’s never happened.

IMG 3062

And because occasionally (OK, like, pretty often) my BFF and I share a brain, I bought myself this pigs-in-a-blanket mold, and Meg gave me one as part of my Christmas gift the night before. DOUBLE THE PIGS DOUBLE THE FUN

IMG 3065

In just one more shout to my BFF, this angel woman made this tree skirt. I was searching for one, and the only store I went to that wasn’t sold out was Bed Bath & Beyond—but they only had Ugg tree skirts, which, no, sorry. I told Meg this and she said oh! I can make you one. She sent me to Mood Fabrics, and I got this Carolina Herrera fabric and some batting and plain fabric at Michael’s, and she made magic.

This year’s was smaller even than last year’s, and much more mellow. Even if I am, and have been, feeling a bit numb, I’m still grateful I had it and was able to be surrounded by love.

What is one of your yearly holiday traditions?

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  1. Lindsay

    When we were younger and would go to the family farm, my grandma had these song booklets we would sing from. I made some for us to use this year and am hoping to restart that tradition. I’m giving them to my dad today…can’t wait to see his reaction.


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